Freedom Day Center Opens New Adult Day Care in Columbus

Freedom Day Center Opens New Location

Columbus, GA

It is estimated that up to seven million women are unpaid caregivers to the elderly.  They struggle to cope with the exhaustion, loneliness, mental and physical demands, and heartbreak of watching their loved one grow weaker.  Even more arduous is caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.   Women need help desperately and adult day care is a growing option for many families.

The Freedom Day Center is an adult day care option for many families caring for a loved one with physical and mental impairments.  National statistics show the number one fear of senior adults is going to a nursing home and who could blame them!  So, what can families do that are struggling with the prohibitive cost of nursing care or caregiver burn out?  With the opening of the Freedom Day Center’s expanded facility in Columbus GA, there is now an affordable care option available for working families.

“Elder care has become the top problem in our society today as it replaces childcare as the number one issue for the men and women in today’s work force.”  Hope Robbins, President and founder of Freedom Day Center said. “Already people are spending more time caring for or providing for the care of their elderly parents than they did caring for their own children.  The problem will only magnify with the aging of the population.”

Much like child day care, adult day care can be a very affordable option for many families.  With senior care costs skyrocketing many families are looking for options and the Freedom Day Center can help them.  Freedom provides a variety of services such as medication management, personal care, memory therapy and socialization. Call us on 706-221-0158 to schedule a tour of our convenient new location off Macon Road.