As the primary caregiver to someone with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other condition that requires regular care, you may have never thought about the benefits of an adult day care facility. You may not have heard of such a service or may believe that these facilities are not equipped to handle the needs of your loved one. ¬†However, adult day care services can be quite beneficial for those who have obligations outside of the primary care relationship they have with their loved one.

For example, one of the prevailing concerns that many in the healthcare field, as well as those who serve as primary care providers, have when it comes to caring for seniors who are unable to care for themselves in an independent manner is mental health. Seniors who lose their ability to physically take care of their needs and rely on others often begin to become depressed due to a lack of purpose and social interaction outside of the caregiver. This is especially true for those who are homebound or alone all day while their caregivers work.

In addition, being home alone increases the risk for falls and other injuries. Studies have shown that while seniors who are at home alone during the day are at a higher risk for serious injury, those who are able to leave the home and receive supervision throughout the day are at a significantly decreased risk of depression or injury.

And lastly, seniors who are enrolled in an adult day care program benefit from better nutrition. While caregivers strive to provide quality, nutritious meals while they are present in the home, most seniors will eat poorly, if at all, when left on their own. There are multiple factors involved; from a decrease in physiological stimulation for food, to side effects from medications, to depression and a lack of physical ability to prepare nutritious foods.

Recently, laws were changed to help protect seniors and caregivers utilizing adult day care programs in Georgia.  And Freedom Day Center is the first adult day care program to be licensed under the new regulations for adult day care.

“We are very proud to be recognized as the first facility to become licensed under the new rules, ” says Hope Robbins, owner of Freedom Day Center. “We have always offered quality care to seniors at our facility and this new licensure just goes to show how committed we are to quality care.”

At Freedom Day Center, seniors enjoy interacting with others who share similar interests and experiences, as well as engage in a number of activities that are designed to keep their minds stimulated, warding off depression. In addition, enrollment in the Freedom Day Center program will give you the ability to work or tend to other obligations safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being cared for by capable, compassionate staff. No longer will you have to worry about whether or not your loved one has fallen, been injured or even whether they are eating enough throughout the day. What’s more is that Freedom Day Center can also ensure that your loved one is getting their medications on time, helping to better control any health conditions.

In addition to their professional staff, Freedom Day Center welcomes volunteers. This means that if a family member wishes to spend time in the facility with their loved one, they can do so while also helping to provide care. Their spacious facility offers you the ability to spend time with your loved one, one on one or within a social group.