The Freedom Day Center is an Adult Day Care, specializing in dementia care options for working families.  We seek to promote wellness through social, physical, and medical support of the elderly, disabled and those suffering from dementia.   We create a fun and safe atmosphere for people to belong to while being cared for and engaged.  This affordable care solution helps many people stay in the community and out of institutions.

Everyone needs a place to belong, especially if they have memory loss.  We work together with families and local community groups to create a unique place where people with functional limitations can do more than just make it through the day – they thrive.  Our center offers a person-centered approach to daytime recreational activities for adults that need assistance.  Daily activities are designed to provide individuals with social interaction in a supervised and stimulating environment.

Elder Care has become the top challenge in our society today.  It replaces childcare as the number one issue for men and women in today’s work force. The stress and physical demands of caring for a loved one with mental or physical limitations, such as dementia (example Alzheimer’s disease), TBI (traumatic brain injury), or stroke, can be overwhelming for family caregivers. We urge family caregivers to seek community help, even if it’s not Freedom Day Center.  To relieve the stresses that come with being a full-time caregiver one valuable resource is the Alzheimer’s Association



Freedom Day Center Can Help

We help families care for parents, spouses, siblings, children, and friends by providing a safe, comfortable place for them to belong and experience loving-kindness.  Our clients sing, dance, laugh, work, play, compete, create, eat, share, learn, care, and fellowship with us and each other in a family environment. Our focus is to engage our clients through activities.  Our desire is that every family in our community, with a loved one suffering with memory loss or age-related disabilities, has an affordable care solution.  Adult Day Care is one of the most affordable options today for senior care, so come by our centrally located facility today for a tour.