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Mom needs help and can not be left alone. Is an assisted living or nursing home the only option?

Adult Day Care is another excellent alternative to institutional living. Most people would rather stay at home; however, many people move into institutions due to the inability to perform simple regular daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, etc. Unfortunately, some people decline very rapidly after moving out of their homes, so this option should be carefully considered.  Freedom Day Center gives your loved one a place to belong during the day while you are at work or enjoying some much needed respite.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on functional levels and requirements of each client.  Please come by or call us, as we would love to discuss how we can help and what the potential cost will be for your loved one.

Will Medicare pay for Adult Day Care?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for Long Term Care services like Adult Day Care.

Will my medical insurance pay for Adult Day Care?

Medical insurance will not pay for long term care options, like Adult Day Care.

How far in advance do I have to call to set up services?

We work to handle all service requests as needed from same day to several weeks in advance. It is helpful if we are given at least 24-hours.

Should I hire a private sitter?

Private sitters are initially cheaper, because most people pay them under the table (don’t pay their social security, unemployment tax or take out their taxes).  However, the liability is much greater because it all rests on the family (i.e. if the sitter gets hurt or does something wrong).  Additionally, the family must do all the screening, interviewing, hiring, scheduling and management of the sitters.

Does Medicare cover home health visits?

Yes, Medicare covers home health visits at 100%.  Please don’t confuse home health visits, which are medical with home care (sitter) services, which are non-medical.

Can I visit my loved-one while they are at your facility?

We would love to have you drop in anytime while your loved-one is here.  Many of our family members volunteer and we really appreciate all the extra love and support they bring.