This is what some Family Caregivers have said about us.

My father started coming here about two years ago and at first I wasn’t ready to let go of my caregiving role but when I came here and watched for two days and I could see that he liked it here.  The people are very friendly and he felt like this was his home and the atmosphere was like it was his home. It is very clean and they have a lot of fun.  Even though he didn’t always participate he would smile and his feet would go to the music.


Freedom Day Care Center is a heavenly sent blessing for me and my mom.  I enjoy bringing her here because they make her feel like at home.   In the morning they greet us at the front door, they ask her how she’s doing, they ask me how I’m doing, and then give us both hugs to start our day.  When she forgets her English they still are able to help her and understand what she saying which blesses me.


My Mom is 98 and half years old and she came to live with me for years ago.  I didn’t want to put her into a nursing home as she has Alzheimer’s and fell and broke both hips.   Most of the time she doesn’t really know where she is or who I am, so I needed a to keep her safe.  A place she would be loved and taken care of physical.  I did try another place but then when I found freedom I was so delighted because it is so loving and so caring and the people are just so comforting to me!


The Freedom Day Center is a wonderful facility.  It’s been a true God send to me.  My husband is here with Alzheimer’s.  The facility itself is very very nice and always exceptionally clean, but the greatest thing about this place is the staff… they are wonderful with these patients!  They know when to redirect a patient with their Alzheimer’s behavior; they know when to participate in the craziness because its not going to do anything bad and they also know when to just let the person do their thing if they’re not harming anybody.